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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2010|11:35 pm]

A New Hut


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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2010|10:46 pm]


The preview is finally doneee :) So fast! Feel such love towards this one because it looks so different.
We're really lucky to have found ourselves such a responsible & awesome website designer.

I mean seriously, where can you ever find a designer and server host that replies your text or email within
half an hour almost every single time no matter what time you call right?? :)
Compared to some of the other designers that we used to have previously, they're a godsend.
Ever since I swapped to both of them, the website hasn't crashed at all! <3

Okz I should stop gushing.

Heres what's coming up the next post:

Click on my Twit-Er as Rach loves to call it for the full sized version :)

And because it was the festive season, I decided to get some of my packers to tie little ribbons on candy canes
for our customers & forced upon poor Mag to draw happy characters at the back of more than 600 envelopes.

I basically told her to spread the joy and this was what she came up with:

I have no idea what the above has to do with joy but anyway we ended up squabbling about the elephant having the
wrong tail & the cow not having any teats. And in return the wicked thing took all sorts of unglamorous shots of me
during the photoshoot to bribe and threaten me with.

Cruel things aside, here's one of me staring in great horror when an insect whizzed above me when I was posing.
Hahaha it cracks me up everytime I look at it!


On another note, I can't believe that it's 2010.
Time really passes so incredibly fast when you're busy and loving every moment of what you do :)

Insert a very bleak moment for it to sink in that school for me has started as well.

I'm glad December was awesome though.
It was busybusybusy and in the midst of all that fun & festivity, I got myself sick for a week & hospitalised. But in
exchange for that 4 days of fun and mooching around when everyone was back, I think it was well worth it! It's
hard to believe that its been a good 5 years since we were all back together in the same country at the same time.

Bri came back from Australia and we spent precious mornings at TCC at the airport, dinner at Sage and
late nights at Coffee Club catching up before she had to fly off back to Shanghai again. Time with her is so pressed!!
I'm still secretly hoping that both me & Lee can sneak a trip to Shanghai somewhere this year (soon) to
visit her and relive the amazing time we had there the last time we went.


And then because me & V wern't able to squish in a long holiday, we made up & decided to pamper ourselves for
a short (& very impulsive) business trip instead!

4 days of blissful (and sinful) stuffing of faces with canapes, salmon, wagyu, roe & heaps of dessert :)))
Couldn't get enough of the happy, fluffy Xmas spirit either.
It's so funny how it's always the Asian countries that are always swinging with the festivities when countries
like Aus & UK barely have half the decorations or the street performances.


And here are a couple of pictures of my outfits recently :)
For a nice refreshing change, I've been swinging towards alot of red/plum/hot pink recently!

At Marmalade Pantry after dinner.

And a picture of my favorite tunic at the moment.
Super love the double metal straps and how they go with the zipped motorcycle clutch :)


& that's all for this post! I just saw the time crappity crap. Have so many more bags to pack I don't know how I'm
gonna finish everything in time!!! Super X with SingPost for changing the postage rates and setting all sorts of silly
terms that complicates and botches everything up! My poor packers had to lug everything there and everything back!

And in the past half an hour that I was doing this post and taking my break, the emails have jumped from 50 to 120!!!
Don't dare to peek at them. Am always very traumatised when emails start jumping like that when I havn't posted
recently. I hope it's not because of lost normal mail :'(

Just a small note in case you happen to see this and I havn't replied your email. Please rest assured that I will reply
ALL emails before the post. I pushed it back to Thursday so that I'd be able to clear everything before the new emails
come in so don't worry, I'll def get back to you soon!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2009|03:31 pm]

Molecular Gastronomy

Dinner with V was simple but niceee :)

You have to hand it to the chef for being creative and for daring to experiment with different tastes.

I went there with all intentions to try the Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Tree and I wasn't disappointed
No pictures of the mains/entrees because it was way too dark and my flash would've disrupted everyone

Some pictures of dessert:

Cherry Blossom Tree with edible blossoms, soil and leaves!
Cotton Candy for the blossoms and chocolate for everything else. How cute is that?

The Egg Breakfast dessert was brilliant too, mango for the yolk and coconut for the egg white. :)

We had the Experience Degustation and the chef basically conjured a menu based on what we wanted/liked.
And, I reallyyy liked how he came out at the end of it to talk to us about our dinner.

As is, it's usually the maitre'd that comes out to ask how your dinner was etc, or, usually when the chef comes
more often than not, I notice he only ventures towards our table when parents are around -_- So when this chef
came out to really talk to us, it brought a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Hahaha okay I'm just weird that way.

But anyway, Kevin Cherkas took the cake. He went the extra mile to offer his name and private line so that
we could make special reservations in future for us or our friends and he'd give them a nice surprise/priveleges.
So nais & personal, I was sold :)


It has become such a habit to take shots on the way back to the carpark.

And here's a shot of my favourite object of the moment hahaha.
Love it to death but I need to poke one more hole in it because it's too loose.
Have been intending to for the past 3 weeks but I'm either too busy or when I've got the time, I'm too lazy.


Went to timbre after that before we scooted to watch Case39.

Am sooo happy now that everyone has picked up shuffling so I'm not the only weird freak whining to go to a
remote and obscure hardstyle club to shuffle my life away.

MWAHAHA. The more I think about it the happier I'm getting. Can't wait!!
I swear, this is the only form of exercise I will ever participate happily & willingly in so god help me,
let all of us find somewhere that plays decent music so that I will become healthy and live long.

Okay I'm going off to photoshop pictures, reply emails and plague my family with hardstyle music hahaha
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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2009|11:42 pm]

Lean, Mean Tweet Machine

I am a lean, mean tweet machine.
Hahaha I'm so tickled. Rach has forced upon me tweeting in exchange for all sorts of brilliant things
that I couldn't resist so I have gotten myself a twitter account.

I must add though that it took me 1 week before I finally realised that my own replies are actually
meant to show up on my page haha needless to say, everyone was so unimpressed.

Anyway, since I've actually gotten some people hot, bothered (and rude) that I barely update, you can
add me on twitter :) Now that I've finally gotten the hang of it, I'm on a roll.
All the weird junk that I engage in everyday will be dutifully updated teehee.

Okay before I scoot off to reply a hoard of emails that have been piling up in the inbox, I must
tell everyone what a crappy day it has been :(


Because of my lack of sleep and my love for spontaneity and awesome day trips, I am now sick. And cranky.
Lovingly surrounded by a ton of gross squishy, wet tissue because of my runny rose.

I have 2358467365 emails to reply and 2454687 BO parcels to pack and mail out by tomorrow and pictures
to photoshop, and measurements to take.. How to finish by Thursday?????

I spent 5 hours today taking and retaking pictures from 430 to 930 because the lenses had fingerprints.
And it didn't occur to any of us to just take it out and wipe it.

At the end of it, yours truly was so happy, I attempted to gleefully run off the photo paper.
Bad move.
I tripped, fell on my face, and ripped the entire thing into two.

Of which btw, all present friends AND sister burst into applause. Insert ahlian face -_-

And and to top it all off, pictorial evidence of that fall has been put up on twitter and because
I havn't reached advanced twittering stage, I don't know how to remove it :'(

Today was basically a sukballz day :(
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2009|09:06 pm]

Back to Work

Have finally found the time to blog :)
I'll be obscenely free from now till Sunday morning and then the crazy rush will be back!
So contradicting. When there's piling work, I always sincerely wish I could take a break and lavish in doing nothing.
But when exactly that happens, I'm always so listless and depressed that there's nothing for me to do haha.

Don't mistake that as me lamenting though, I love my job :) I just need to learn how to schedule my time management
so that I can cope and not have a burn out.

Anyway, here's the preview for our Sunday launch.

So glad that we no longer have to photoshop it ourselves. Hahaha it was disastrous while that lasted.
But we've permanently found someone amazing to do our splash page for us and we're happy campers now.

Am so glad that me & Mag managed to squeeze a short trip in between the mad rush though.
Although it was meant to be a business trip, at least we got to spend some quality time together :)
And god knows how that works wonders on someone who has been increasingly grouchy the past weeks.

<3 the benefits of being a Club member. 8AM check in, 7PM checkout with a room upgrade and executive
lounge excess till our flight teeheehee. Which is also particularly good for people like me who fall ill
eating anything outside of the hotel :\

Me & Mag hanging by the poolside on the top floor +
evidence of Mag's shiteous photo-taking skills and my awesome ones.

Hahahaha. I was just scrolling through all the random pictures we took on the trip and came across this one.

I don't know why I had that face when I was taking the picture!!! Hahaha what a look of displeasure.
Excuse me while I amuse myself hahahaha.
Vel that could seriously beat your ugly face!!!!!!

And the awesome view you get when having breakfast at the lounge :)

Which brings me to something else.
Each time I return, the staff from the hotel always manages to find something new to impress and amaze me.
Their sincerity, flexibility, responsibility, promptness .. everything!

Their customer service is seriously perfection.
They handle problems with such immaculate balance, putting themselves in the customer's shoes without
compromising the hotel's own founding terms and without offending the customer. It's amazing.

I mean yes, that's well reflected in the bill when we check out of the hotel as well. But I've stayed my fair share
of good hotels and while their service is impeccable there's always this lack of warmth that's completely
unapparent here and I'm always in awe at how they do it.

It's really something to mull about you know. If I ever wanted HVV's customer service to be anything,
I would want it to be like that. I mean of course la I know I'm a long way from that but, I think I'm lucky
to have them as a model to learn from :)

It's all the little things you pick up from life that betters you, you know you know.


Which also brings to me, I've decided I want a male to help me with my emails.
Hahaha I know that draws a lot of blanks but, honestly I think that's a sensible choice.

Less emotionally attached to the emails, and flexible :) Not that girls are not flexible but aiya, this emotional
sensitivity thing sometimes when you're replying emails in the middle of the night and you come across a
hurting email, just wouldn't do if my email replier bursts into tears right? :(

There was this guy working at Topshop whom I came across when I was buying my after event outfit who
seriously had some awesome customer service skills. Plus points, it means that he's also got brilliant girl-
clothes-handling skills to boot. And I wanted to ask him if he would be willing to work for me but ..

Haha omg, what kind of person takes kindly to a weird, random girl walking up and asking you to work for her right??


Anyway, it's not X'mas yet but stress has already gotten me into the present-giving mood.
And because mummy has been helping me soooo much, I bought her a present :)

And now I'm hoping to get one for the father too because he very unhappily claimed that no one in the family
loves him anymore hahaha.

Does anyone know where to get nice brown belts? :)
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